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    [f(x)] Thunderstorms

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    [f(x)] Thunderstorms

    Post by holdontight on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:59 am

    It was raining. Thunder rolled loudly. Krystal was scared. She had never liked the rain, especially the thunder and the lightning. When she was younger, she would instantly run to her parents to seek refuge and comfort whenever she heard thunder and saw lightning. But during these times, Krystal's parents lived overseas, and the only person with her in the apartment is Amber.

    Amber. Her name rang a bell.

    For Krystal, Amber was the ultimate shock absorber. Krystal would tell Amber her problems, and Amber would absorb it, and give away some advice for Krystal to follow. Amber never complained, either, which makes it easier for Krystal to share with Amber her rants about the world. Amber seemed to Krystal as someone who has a lot of problems, but doesn’t want to talk about it, 'cause she'd rather listen to your problems than her own, and Krystal knew that something bothered Amber, especially during the times that the two of them were alone.

    Vrooooooom. Krystal shrieked.

    The lights went on, a door opened, and Amber came out of it, rubbing her eyes and wearing navy blue pajamas (Krystal was wearing pink silk pajamas - I just thought that you might want to know). Amber sniffed, then her eyes fell on the terrified Krystal.

    "Dude, what's wrong?" Amber asked. "Did you scream?"

    "Y-yeah, sorry for waking you up." said Krystal.

    The thunder rolled again. Krystal shivered.

    "So you don't like thunder?" said Amber, smiling.

    "Kind of..."

    "You know, you can sleep with me if you like." Amber suggested.

    Krystal's face lighted up. "I used to run to my parents when I hear the thunder."

    "Just pretend I'm a parent of yours tonight." Amber said, then pulling Krystal's hand and lead her to Amber’s room.

    Krystal never really liked going to Amber's room (because of Amber's lack of neatness), but tonight, it was different. Amber sat on the bed. Krystal sat on the bed, facing Amber, who was staring out from the window, probably observing the rain. Amber's room was surprisingly cozy and neat. Krystal remembered that she had scolded Amber for not arranging her shoes by pair, and she assumed that Amber got the message and fixed the whole room.

    "I've got a problem." said Amber.

    "Well, that's new." said Krystal. "Usually, I'm the one who has problems. You don't share yours."

    "Yeah, well...today's different."


    Amber sighed. "Here it goes. I've been pondering on, er, someone for the past few weeks, and I can’t get h- (she was going to say her) that someone out of my mind. I've known that someone for a long time, and we're great friends. I treat that person as a sibling, which is great, because sibling bonding is great. But I guess..."

    "You guess...?"

    "That I'm falling for that person."

    Somehow, Krystal could relate to the problem. If putting the problem into Krystal Jung perspective, then Amber would be 'that person'. Krystal liked Amber, no doubt about that. Amber was likeable. Amber did things that made Krystal go, "Aww," without even trying to impress. Amber was the type of person who would scold Krystal for going home late, even if Amber has got nothing to do with the reason why she got home late. Amber was Krystal's shock absorber. Amber hugged Krystal every night before going to bed. Amber treated Krystal like a sister, and it was fine with her, but Krystal secretly wished that Amber would see their relationship as more than that, because Krystal liked Amber. No, erase that. Krystal loved Amber.

    Krystal sighed. "Well, I'm not as good as you in advice-giving."

    "Just say something helpful."

    "Hm. Mind if I ask you who 'that person' is?" asked Krystal.

    Amber finally looked at Krystal (because, if you remember, she was staring out the window), then said, “You."

    Krystal almost died. "I - like you, too."

    Amber smiled, then leaned forward and kissed Krystal.

    Krystal felt like being resurrected, as if the kiss was some sort of life supplier. She got carried away and let Amber's weight push her down on the bed, so Amber was on top of her. Amber played with Krystal’s long hair, which made it frizzy and tangled. Krystal, however, was having fun messing up Amber’s short hair. This, Krystal thought, was nicer than sleeping beside her parents during a thunderstorm. Speaking of thunder, another one rolled, but Krystal didn't care.

    Amber stopped kissing Krystal, smirking.

    "What are you smirking at?" Krystal said.

    Amber shrugged her shoulders. "You still haven't given your advice."

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    Re: [f(x)] Thunderstorms

    Post by bluesky on Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:42 pm

    oh my me just finish reading it
    hahaha kryber sweet moment
    love your imagination on creating this fiction
    hahaha i like it .
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    Re: [f(x)] Thunderstorms

    Post by LauzieeLoo on Sun Jan 23, 2011 7:10 pm

    Wow I love this fanfic~! Hahaha I just read it for like the third time, thankyou for posting this, you are a talented writer. ^^

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    Re: [f(x)] Thunderstorms

    Post by december12 on Tue May 31, 2011 3:02 am

    Wow.....nice one. Even though it's short but hey very cute. Kryber couple ? That's just a brilliant idea.
    Hope you make more. Very Happy

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    Re: [f(x)] Thunderstorms

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