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    [NEWS] 4Minute HyunA Under Criticism For Super Short Mini-Dress.

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    [NEWS] 4Minute HyunA Under Criticism For Super Short Mini-Dress.

    Post by mishielu on Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:10 am

    Girl group 4Minute’s member Kim HyunA has been put under the chopping board of the netizens for the performing costumes she wore, which was deemed indecent and inappropriate for the young fans.

    A video of HyunA performing with 4Minute on their new song ‘Muzik’ has been uploaded on Youtube on 19th September, and HyunA’s mini dress was spotted constantly going up while she carries out the choreography of the song.

    While she was dancing, the really short miniskirt kept going up, to the point her underpants was visible. HyunA was even seen pulling her mini dress down.

    Obviously, the fashion malfunction lies in the fault of the group’s fashion coordinator.

    Netizens say:

    * “For a young teenager, she is wearing one really short minidress”
    * “What’s with the coordi?”
    * “At this rate, her outfit will be deem inappropriate and lascivious”
    * “This is really going overboard, she is still so yong,u 17 years old”
    * “This is pathetatic, why are the singers suddenly all under criticisms? It’s like our country has done something. It happened to both male and female singers – beasty idols, sexy idols, young idols”
    * “Looking at it, her skirt just need to be a little longer and it solves the problem”
    * “Coordi, you should try wearing it”

    Source: Sookyeong
    Shared By: KPOP JJANG
    Saranghae Amber!
    Saranghae Amber!

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    Re: [NEWS] 4Minute HyunA Under Criticism For Super Short Mini-Dress.

    Post by december12 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:07 am

    Wow that is very short.
    Well it's a long time ago but I've just seen it . Too bad.

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