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    [KRYBER] Thanks, thanks a lot

    Saranghae Amber!
    Saranghae Amber!

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    [KRYBER] Thanks, thanks a lot

    Post by december12 on Tue May 31, 2011 4:19 am

    Hey guys, this is my first short story. Hope you like it. Cool

    " Amber ! Mind moving away from the TV ? You 're not a piece of glass , ya know . I can't see through " , a girl who sitting on couch commented
    " Yeah yeah yeah......you whined like an old grandma . Just so you know " , the tomboy replied .
    " No , I'm not. And I didn't whined . Don't take it too far ! " , that girl just want to start an argument .
    " What ?! You got problems with that ? If you told me nicely to move from the TV , there would be nothing ! " , Amber shouted
    " DO I HAVE TO ? You should know it yourself, bastard ! "
    " Wyo wyo wyo., what's with all the shouting ? " Victoria popped up from the kitchen.

    " She started it , she wanted to argue with me ? " , Amber points at the girl
    " Amber...." Victoria tried to calm Amber but she was cut off
    " Who me ? Talk again. Who started it , huh ? Huh ? " , the younger girl asked with a smirk
    " See ? she even cut you off . What a rude girl ! " , Amber crossed her arms
    " Hey..." , the girl hopped from the couch , standing up with one hand placed on her waist
    " Can you guys QUIET for one day ? " , Luna came out from her room walking toward her friends
    " Yeah Krystal. You have ruined my sleep ! " , Sulli the most childish among all of them , walked after Luna . She even has her teddy bear in her hand.
    " What ? Your sleep ? It's already half past 10 ! You still sleeping ? " , that girl who argued with Amber is no other than Krystal .
    " YO , grandma. It's Sunday. She sure deserve it. Also it's none of your business. She can sleep as long or short as she wants " , Amber replied
    " Did I ask you ? Gosh , you sure know how to answer for others ", Krystal than crossed the arms and rolled her eyes.
    " Ok that's enough . No more please . " Victoria gestured both of them as she want to plead .
    " Fine. I 'll her forgive only for this once and that because you asked. " , Krystal coldly said
    " I don't want your forgiveness . I'm innocent. " Amber replied but she was elbowed by her leader, Victoria. So, Amber rushed to the kitchen and sat at the dinning table waiting for the girls .
    " Tch .." , Krystal whispered .

    After finished their meals, Victoria , Sulli , and Luna decided to go out shopping since they haven't shop for so long due to their practice busyness. But before they go ,
    " You sure, you're not coming along ? " , Luna asked the two left behind
    " No "
    " Nah " , Amber and Krystal answered in unison .
    " She asked me first , you should answer after me " , Amber said without looking at Krystal
    " No she asked me , not you . Don't be such a jerk ! " Krystal hissed
    " What did you said ? " Amber turned to face Krystal .

    " We're leaving now, have fun you too " , Victoria said after the argument is getting louder and louder
    " Take care. I don't want neither of you to be sent to hospital . " , Luna added
    " Yeah and be careful not to bite each other to hard " , Sulli smiled and run off .
    Outside the dorm

    " I really wonder when will those two get along ? " , Luna thought aloud
    " Hmpf...... " , Sulli pouted , she is really out of idea .
    " I wish someday , I would have peaceful group members someday soon ", Victoria let out a big sigh .

    Inside the dorm

    " Hurry, the movie about to start ! " , Amber patted the empty space beside her .
    " You can just pause and wait for me to go ! " , Krystal replied in bit higher tone .
    " Do you want to start shouting again ? " , Amber also raised her voice .
    " Yeah ! So ? " , Krystal smirked
    " So, no problem . Just shout alone in your room. I need to watch the movie " , Amber glued her eyes to the TV screen . Suddenly ,

    " Hey, why did you unplugged it ? " Amber jaw dropped allowing the pop-corn to fall out from her mouth
    " Erwww......" , Krystal reacted
    " Come here you little meanie . You won't let me relax for one day, will you ? " , Amber starts chasing after Krystal . When she caught Krystal, both of them tripped and fall hard on the carpet. They managed to keep the faces far enough from each other . Krystal who is now under Amber's body hold on tight to Amber's neck while Amber does nothing but smile sweetly back . Unbelievably, Krystal pulled the older girl for a kiss; that doesn't surprise Amber . Amber just responded back with a same force kiss. They break the kiss to absorb some air to feed their lungs .
    " I really miss you , Amber " , Krystal stated
    " I miss you too , baby . I always waited for Sundays to come " Amber replied
    " So that you could take advantages over me ? " , Krystal joked still not let go Amber
    " I don't know. Who's the pervert here ? "
    " Come on . Today is our day. After pretending to argue , they all finally leave . They should have leave earlier . " Krystal pouted
    " I guess that's the best we can do . We tried to annoy them especially Sulli ; she's a heavy sleeper kind . "
    " You 're tired from all the arguing acting scene , right ? " Krystal asked
    " No, I'm not, not at all . Anything for you, my princess, is always and will always be special. No matter what ; I only obey your orders " , Amber smiled , pinching Krystal's nose causing her secret love to giggle . Yes., they 're lovers but not openly . Whenever, their group are around, they would argue to shoo the others away ; so that they could have some sweet time together. How smart !
    " Thanks Amber for loving me . "
    " No thank-you for accepting my love . Thanks , thanks a lot . "


    So , how is it ? Not so boring , right ?
    Anyway , please enjoy. flower

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    Re: [KRYBER] Thanks, thanks a lot

    Post by LauzieeLoo on Tue May 31, 2011 7:11 am

    Waw! This is great! Thanks for sharing!
    Kekeke Amber and Krystal's ''acting'' is pretty good.
    If I was Luna Vic or Sulli I wouldn't leave them alone together though XD
    Well done!

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