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    [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!


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    [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by handsome_inblue on Thu May 05, 2011 5:25 pm

    This is a new yet Old coupling that i made.. granted the request of a dear friend who is a BIG Amber and TOP fan.Hope you liked it.

    Ever wonder what happened between the face off of f(x) and Big Bang on the M!Countdown?! Check this one out if you are curious!!!!

    The M!Countdown Backstage:

    “Definitely gonna win today!” said a guy to himself. He is on his way to their own dressing room to prepare for their performance for today’s M!Countdown. He was so in the mood today that he feels like he is walking in cloud nine.

    Along the way, he noticed a familiar figure, as he thought so. A person with blonde hair. That person was outside the Audio/Visual room and peeking inside from the door.

    “Is that Ji Yong?” he thought to himself. “I think so? His only blonde in our group right?” he thought to himself while smirking. He moved closer towards that person.

    Suddenly, an idea popped into his brilliant mind! He creepily walk towards the person who’s back is now facing to him while half of that person’s body is bending and peeking inside the room.

    As playful as he is he positioned both of his hand in a grasping motion… towards…


    “What the heck!” Amber shriek in a loud voice. She was devastated with the sight she is seeing right now!

    Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a. TOP was frozen hard as a rock in his position. Unable to immediately retract his hand which is grasping on Amber’s luscious behind!!!

    “Get your hands off…. Me!!!” She said in another loud voice.

    A person inside the room suddenly came out.

    “What’s the commotion all about?” one of the staff asked them.

    Seung Hyun immediately removed his hand from its “awkward position” the moment he saw the staff.

    “Oh, nothing Hyung!” he said while scratching his head. “I was just saying … “ he suddenly grabbed Amber’s shoulder and placed his arm around it. “…hello to Amber here!” he flashed him as wide fake smile. “Right Amber?” he looked at her with a pleading eye.

    “Oh, you know each other then? Take your time and keep your voices low. Get ready anytime soon, you’ll be performing side by side. Arraso?” the staff confirmed.

    “Okay!” TOP replied still his arm around Amber’s shoulder.

    The staff went back inside the room and left the two of them alone with each other’s company.

    “I didn’t know were that close to each other?” Amber broke the silence and stated it with sarcasm.

    “Mianhe Amber, I thought you were Yi Yong because I saw a glimpse of your blond hair.” He said apologetically.

    “That Ji Yong?” Amber pointed to GD who’s wearing a red cap and guess what, he doesn’t have his blonde hair on today, walking comfortably towards their dressing room… kekekek

    TOP’s jaw literally drops! What a big jerk he is right now not knowing GD’s get up! He went still and was unable to speak and look at her straight on the eye.

    “You owe me Big Time TOP oppa!” Amber was glaring at him.

    “Mianhe Amber.” Seung Hyun keep on bowing on Amber. “I’m really sorry, it was an accident!” he once again apologize.

    Amber made a “I am watching you” gesture towards him.

    “Big Time, Got it?!” she said with sarcasm on her voice.

    Amber immediately left him running and walking at the same time. When she was already far away from him, TOP covered his face with both hands!

    “Aigoo, this is soooo embarrassing!!” he then went to their own dressing room and remains silent while waiting for their performance to come.

    Finally it’s Big Bang’s time to perform. They were flawless. Other bands were watching them from the said of the stage. F(x) immediately followed Big Bang’s performance with a Bang! The boys decided to watch them since it’s a face off between the two group.

    Seung Hyun didn’t notice he was already so focused on Amber’s performance. They were standing next to a cameraman.


    “Im in danger, Pinocchio.. re re re re,,,,”

    “Remember Me!” Amber sang her part with a smirk on her face looking directly at the camera coincidentally where Seung Hyun is at right now..

    “Aigoo, cool smirk!” Seungri commented. “Did you see it hyung?” he asked to TOP.

    “Yeah, cool.. hehehhehe” hea laughed unlively to himself. “I am so dead!” he whispered to himself.

    “What did you say hyung?” Seungri asked .

    “Nothing, I was just humoring my self. Ahahhahaha” another unlively laugh from TOP.

    Face off performance finally done. Now, both f(x) and Big Bang with the rest of the performers are in the stage waiting for the announcement of today’s winner.

    “Today’s Winner is Big Bang!” the MC announced.

    The group was extremely happy and congratulatory words flooded the stage. Seungri even approached the f(x) girls to greet them since he is befriending with Sulli.

    On the other hand, TOP can see f(x) Amber from his peripheral vision that she is in his left side but is unable to glance towards her. He can even see Ji Yong bowing in front of Amber and the rest of f(x) girls.

    He badly wanted to look at her, Just a glance.. but he was too shy to do so..

    M!Countdowan ended finally with another performance from the winner, Big Bang. Once again the show ended successfully.

    After the stage celebration, everybody went back to their own room. Seung Hyun noiselessly went out from their room.

    “Hyung, where are you going?” Seungri asked him.

    “Ah…. I’m just going to find someone. I’ll be back in a flash.” Then he ran towards the door.

    He strode down to the lobby of the studio until she came to f(x) dressing room area. He was arguing to himself whether to knock on the door or not. When Suddenly the door opened and Amber is already standing in front of him.


    They greeted each other in chorus. They were in total synch.

    “Congratulations on your win!” Amber said while reverting her gaze towards TOP’s shoe, because she can’t look at him straight in the eye.

    . . . silence . . .

    “I just came here to say Conratulations… hahahah” he said awkwardly.

    “Why? Did we win?” Amber replied and transferred her gaze to TOP’s face.

    TOP meet with Amber’s gaze and automatically looked away.

    “Was that smirk meant for me?” he asked doubtfully.

    “You noticed?” Amber smirked.

    “Sort of” TOP answered.

    . . . awkward silence . . .

    “Mianhaeyo Amber” he apologized sincerely.

    “You still owe me though. No one ever touched me… there!” she murmured.

    . . . awkward silence again. . .

    “Are you free tonight?” he asked Amber all of the sudden.

    “Ah, I don’t know. I still need to ask my manager.” She answered awkwardly.

    They were both silent afterwards and keep looking at different directions. You can feel the awkwardness blooming between them.

    “Can I get your phone number?” TOP said out of nowhere….

    Amber lifted her gaze and meet with TOP’s sincere look. Silence filled the both of them. Only their gazes are conversing… No need for words.



    Yes or Nay? Hope you like this one..

    One-shot story here...

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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by LauzieeLoo on Thu May 05, 2011 6:24 pm

    <3 <3 <3 WAAAH SO GOOD! Ahahahahaha~! Poor TOP! XD
    WAW I'd love a sequel or something some day that was so absorbing! <3 EEK!
    TOPBer? XD Best Pairing Ever! They're both so dorky and cute :3
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by bluesky on Thu May 12, 2011 8:06 pm

    me had read it
    me love the way you wrote the fiction but
    blue why you left it hanging?
    me wanna knew the ending?
    kindly update

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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by Chriz14 on Sun May 22, 2011 11:40 am

    they're soooo cuuuttee~~<3
    i went lol over ur fic!
    TOP is kind of shy there! remind me when he changes to Gil Ra Im in the parody of Secret Garden!
    Post more about dis couple soon!
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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by LauzieeLoo on Mon May 23, 2011 5:47 am

    Chriz14 wrote:TOP is kind of shy there! remind me when he changes to Gil Ra Im in the parody of Secret Garden!!

    That is so totally true ahahaha I actually fell off my chair laughing.
    I hadn't noticed that I had to read it again after you said that omgomgomg so funny ahhahahahaha!!!!

    Cookies? What Cookies?!
    Saranghae Amber!
    Saranghae Amber!

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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

    Post by december12 on Tue May 31, 2011 3:12 am

    Sooo funny.......this is the first TOPber I've never ever read before.
    It's perfect. Can't imagine, TOP being shy. And Amber smirk is so cool .
    The gif and pic added the spice to your story Razz

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    Re: [TOPber] Behind the M!Countdown Show!

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