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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] 0704011 The temporary Pale electric Layout is launched!

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    [ANNOUNCEMENT] 0704011 The temporary Pale electric Layout is launched!

    Post by Nala on Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:00 am

    Exactly four months after the release of our previous Layout (the Chic Grey Layout),
    I am proud to officially present to you the Temporary Pale Electric Layout!

    There were a lot of requests to change the layout with brighter colors.
    I have to admit that the previous one we had was very BLACK. I personally grew very tired of it.
    So I decided to make this temporary Layout to change Amberlicious a bit before we launch our next Layout!
    This Layout was not programed, therefore not all the staffs were aware of this "SURPRISE".
    Since it is a temporary layout, we went for a very simple and clean concept. Nothing extremly fancy.
    "Simple is best!" like our Admin Alicia (amberisnotaman) says! Wink

    Thank you Dalena for the header, Tina (handome_inblue) for the coding and Alicia (amberisnotaman) for the support♥️
    This was a big challenge since it's my official Graphic Designing debut!

    We are also sorry that we were closed when Krystal's teaser came out.
    The Layout was still under construction but we still decided to re-open it for the occasion.
    The layout was messy and we apologize for giving such exciting news in those horrible conditions.

    I hope you guys enjoy this layout!

    The layout is not completly finished.
    So if you spot some problems or have suggestions, feel free to comment!

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    Who's Amber?
    Who's Amber?

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    Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] 0704011 The temporary Pale electric Layout is launched!

    Post by mioshi11 on Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:21 pm

    cant wait to see the new forum layout ^^ jjang!

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