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    [HanSha] Painful Love

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    [HanSha] Painful Love

    Post by Chriz14 on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:11 pm


    “Narsha-ah… Do you have time for this Saturday? I want to celebrate our 3rd dating anniversary” A boy sounded through the phone.

    “Hankyung chagiya… Don’t you have lessons this Saturday?” Narsha asked.

    “For you, I’ll permit for that day. It’s our dating anniversary at all” Hankyung smiled at the phone.

    “Really? Woah… that's so sweet of you! Saranghaeyo!”

    “Saranghae! Narsha-ah, now go to sleep so you’ll be just as perfect as a princess on Saturday”

    “Alright my dear! You go to sleep too, annyonghi jumuseyo!” Narsha hangs up the phone.

    Hankyung placed the phone handle back and goes to his work desk. He stared at an envelope devastated. Thoughts and questions keep running on his mind.

    ‘Am I making the right decision? Will she be happy?’

    Hankyung hit his desk with anger. He couldn’t take it anymore. He can explodes anytime. He goes to the kitchen and take out some cold water from the refrigerator to chill the ‘bomb’ inside him. He leaned on his bed, squeezing his bolster hoping the fear would disappear. He falls asleep after he feels quite relieved.

    “Tiffany~ Let’s go shopping~” Narsha comes to her best friend happily.

    “Narsha baby, you sure are happy today! What’s up? You got 75 on calculus? Or You got free breakfast at Mrs. Choi’s?! C’mon! You’re gonna tell your dearest and bestest friend, right?” Tiffany smirked at her.

    “Tiffany! Stop teasing my calculus marks! I might be crazy if I got 75 in calculus! And not the breakfast! Mrs. Choi never even give her son a free breakfast everytime he eats there. Actually… Hankyung wants to celebrate our 3rd dating anniversary!!!”

    “So it’s you guys’ 3rd anniversary already?! It’s sooo fast!!! I don’t even had a boyfriend yet! Congrats to you anyway!”

    “Thanks Tiffany! Uh oh… don’t worry, you’ll find one soon! Now I wanna go buy new clothes, shoes, make-up things, accessory, anything would make me look good on that day!” Narsha starts her ‘princess sickness’ AGAIN.

    “Narsha sshi! You can go out if you are not gonna study here!” A sound at the podium sounded.

    As thought, the teacher stands at the podium, right in front of her.

    “Songsaengnim, Mianhae!” Narsha quietly walks to her seat while glaring at Tiffany.

    Tiffany smirked at her in a mischievous way.

    “Tiffany! Let’s go now!! Or my things at the store will be snatched away!”

    “You don’t even buy those yet!”

    Tiffany shoved all her books hurriedly into her bag. She didn’t care about the messy books, she most cared that she’ll be dragged like a cow by Narsha. Her fear reached the jackpot. Narsha dragged her out the room, school and looks for taxi and asked the driver to rush to the shopping centre.

    She gets all she wanted for the date with Hankyung, so many that she can’t carry the things she bought.

    24th May, their 3rd dating anniversary day

    Narsha wore her ‘Hardrock’ t-shirt with her leather jacket on, her favourite denim shorts with stockings, and boots. Putting on some make-up, accessories, hoping she would look perfect on Hankyung’s eyes.

    Dot dot dot dot dot~

    Her cellphone rang.

    “Oh~ oppa… What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, I just want to make sure this little princess of mine didn’t disappear on this important day to make a surprise party like the previous anniversary.” Hankyung laughed.

    “Hankyung! I’m not~ It’s your turn for a surprise” Narsha giggled.

    “Alright, alright. I’ll wait for you ‘k? See you soon”

    “Bye darling… see you in a few minutes” Narsha hangs up the phone and continue her make-up.

    “Oh… it’s time, Omma! I’ll leave now!” Narsha shouted from the first floor.

    Hankyung saw Narsha was walking cheerfully and sneaks to her quietly. Right when she stopped, Hankyung took out the tulips he had on his right hand behind Narsha.and placed it in front of her face.

    “Hankyung chagiya! You surprised me!” Narsha laughed.

    “Let’s go now” Hankyung took her hand and they walk together.

    They had really fun time together, going to themepark, eating ice cream, taking pictures, holding hands, buying souvenirs. Hankyung leads her to a café and seat her down.

    “I’ll go get you some drink ok?” Narsha was about to go, but Hankyung pull her to sit.

    “Narsha… I want to tell you something”

    The atmosphere become tensed as Hankyung started out those sentences.

    “I…I...I'll have to go to China” Hankyung’s facial expression changed.

    “Why? Why your face changed? Is that means you are leaving me?”

    “Narsha…. I don’t want it to happen too, but it’s my parents’ will, and I can’t deny it. Please….. just forget me…. Find a new person that will care for you more than me.” Hankyung cried.

    “No… what do you mean by finding a new person? I just want to be with you! Don’t you remember our promise on our 2nd anniversary? We promised to be together forever” Narsha grabbed his hand

    “Narsha… That promise doesn’t last any longer now, please let me go…” Hankyung remove her hand from his and leave her alone there.

    Narsha was desperate, she still can’t forget Hankyung. She believes deep in her heart that Hankyung will never leave her. She goes to the hairdresser, cut her hair short like the 1st time they got together, listens to her mp3 which contains of their favourite songs that they always listen together, desperately waiting for his phonecalls, walks on the road they 1st met. Anything that can make her recall her memories with Hankyung.

    “Narsha…. Don’t be foolish… Hankyung won’t come back… he asked you to forget him right? Then you should… He wants you to live even better without him by your side…” Tiffany poked Narsha’s head softly comforting her.

    “Tiffany… How am I suppose to live without Hankyung? He’s my precious… The one who never fails to makes me happy every time… The one that cares about me… Be with me when I have affairs with you… my parents… any one… How can I forget him?!” Narsha cried.

    Seeing her best friend desperately waiting for Hankyung, she couldn’t help but to tell her the truth.

    “Narsha…. Frankly… Hankyung has told me about this thing unknown by you, he wants me to tell you… he’s can’t be by your side anymore… he’s continuing his father’s company there, and of course… his father……..” Tiffany stopped.

    “His father what, Tiffany!? Tell me!!” Narsha grasped on Tiffany’s arms tightly.

    “His father……. Had set a engagement with the daughter of the President of Wong Company, the biggest company ever in China… He wants you to forget him no matter what. Narsha…. Just forget him… Don’t torture yourself like this.”

    Narsha’s eyes got bigger and more tears were flowing from her eyes. Her nose got runny. Now she can’t take it anymore. Tiffany hugged her best friend tightly, comforting her.

    Eunhyuk, Leeteuk & Donghae, who are close friends to Hankyung, Narsha and Tiffany, came to find out about what happened between Hankyung and Narsha and they decided to pay Narsha a visit that very evening. The trio arrived at Narsha’s apartment and pressed the doorbell.

    “Guys! Glad that you all came by… Narsha’s been crying for the whole day and refused to eat anything.” Tiffany said, feeling helpless. “She can’t go on like that… else, she’ll collapse.”

    “Narsha-ah, we heard about what happened. Do brace yourself up. We believe that Hankyung loves you more than anyone else, but he couldn’t defy his father. He told you to forget him because he wanted to protect you from harm. He’ll be really heartbroken to know that you’re torturing yourself like this.” Donghae said softly, as the three guys gave her a warm hug.

    “Yeah, Donghae is right, and we know Hankyung long enough to know his character. Don’t torture yourselve anymore. Here, have something to eat.” Eunhyuk added on. “It pains us to see you like that because you’re like a sister to us.”

    “Narsha, lift up your head and look at me.” Leeteuk said, as he wiped away her tears, as he remembered something very important relating to what happened between Hankyung and Narsha. “You still have us, your close friends around you. You’ve got to live your life well if you love Hankyung. At a time like this, his way of interpreting your love for him as the person he loves deeply, is when you totally forget him. He has secretly mentioned this to me, Donghae and Eunhyuk because he is from a reputable family owning a huge business enterprise, and as such, his parents had been forcing him to accept the marriage arrangement and they threatened him that they’ll harm you if he defy them.”

    “Hankyung would rather sacrifice himself than seeing you getting harmed. He’s always such a nice guy, he’s always so thoughtful and caring towards everyone.” Eunhyuk said with a heave of sigh.

    “So, my dear Narsha, don’t feel sad anymore. Eat this… we guys bought it specially for you because we knew it’s your favourite.”

    With that said, Narsha hugged Tiffany and the three guys, with tears in her eyes. “My dears, the four of you have been my friends who are so close to my heart. Thanks for standing by me when I really need it. For your sake and mine too, I shall brace myself up and step out of the sadness. Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Tiffany, gomawoyo !”


    A few months later

    “Narsha! Wait for me!” Tiffany runs at her, catching her breathe with all her might.

    “Yah! Ppalli ppalli!” Narsha waved her hand at Tiffany.

    “Narsha-ah… You really got a full power!” Tiffany tries to laugh, still trying to catch her breathe.

    “Doesn’t the air feels good?” Narsha smiled at her.

    “Yeah! By the way… Narsha… why are you changing your phone number? You give me a shock because I can’t find you, you know?!”

    “Hahaha… Mianhae mianhae… Just… Wanting to forget him?” Narsha smiled.

    ‘She sure changed now’ Tiffany thought to herself.

    “Hey! My mom asks you to drop by at our new house later! So you’ll be kidnapped for a while!” Narsha laughed.

    “Alright! Narsha baby… Your hair sure grows sooo fast!” Tiffany brushed her hair.

    “A change of style? Let’s run again!” Narsha pulls Tiffany with all her might.

    “AGAIN?!?!” Tiffany could do nothing but letting herself being pulled away.

    Narsha throws all her memories with Hankyung, Growing her hair long, throws away her old phone sim card, delete all the songs she used to listen with Hankyung, moved to a new territory, join a ‘no-boyfriend meeting’, anything that can make her remember Hankyung.

    Their memories together, will fly away with the wind, to a far far away place.

    Author's Note
    So... how's the fic?
    is it sad? or just so so?
    please give me critics n feedback so i can give a way more good fic^^
    PS: If u like dis, please do consider to read my other fic^^ don forget to leave comment^^
    dis fic originated from the song T-ara ft Supernova_TTL
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    Re: [HanSha] Painful Love

    Post by LauzieeLoo on Thu May 05, 2011 6:33 pm

    Ahhh... *Sob* So sad Sad
    This is such a good fanfic ahh~! good job!
    Post more soon! I love it! ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: [HanSha] Painful Love

    Post by bluesky on Thu May 12, 2011 7:54 pm

    me love to read it
    its not a sad story but seem like a real story
    we need to forget the past in order to move on with the support from friends and family.
    thanks you gave me the light to move on.
    keep on writing me gonna read it

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    Re: [HanSha] Painful Love

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