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    [Amber and Key]Love Me For Me

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    [Amber and Key]Love Me For Me

    Post by Simple on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:01 pm

    Love Me For Me

    "Amber, can't you be more feminine huh?"
    "Feminine isn't me"
    "Try it! You make me crazy, how could I have a girlfriend which is very boyish?!"
    "Then, why do you confess to me huh?"
    "Coz I like you"
    "If you like me, then you can love me for me, without complaining everyday!" Amber began to lose her temper.
    "Tsk, but I have the authority to complain. I'm your boyfriend"
    "Then, what's wrong if you're my boyfriend huh? You can't change me. I'm not your design. Love me for me or don't love me."
    "Then, break up, how bout that?" he tried to blackmail Amber.
    "Okay then, we break up. Don't complain anything to me again. Now, I don't need to hear your complains everyday. Bye"
    Amber left and the boy's jaw down. His blackmail wasn't work. But he thinks that better to have a cute girl.

    -Amber's home-

    "Unni, I'm back"
    "Now how bout your relationship?"
    "It's end. But I'm happy anyway. Once I like him, but now, 100% no!"
    "Better break up if you fight everyday"
    "Right, so I breakup. He always wants me to be cute. Tsk, I can't anyway."
    "The point is you must find someone that's that love you for what you are. Like my boyfriend."
    "Right unni. Someday I'll find someone like that for sure."
    Then Amber climbs up the stairs and entered her bedroom.

    1 month later

    It's been a month since Amber's breakup. Now, she enters the 3rd grade of senior high school. She just enjoying her times w/ her
    friends and feels happy coz she won't hear complains again.

    Now she's in the new class. She still have some of her old friends. Then, the boy beside her asks her to be his friend.
    "Hi I'm Kim Ki Bum. Just call me Key. Can we be friends?"
    "I'm Amber. Yes of course"
    The 1st lesson starts. The teacher asks them to make a team for 2 persons and the partner must be someone beside.
    So Amber must be w/ Key. They do the task fluently. And make some happy chit-chat.
    Key thinks, 'Interesting girl. Very boyish but sometimes cute. My type I think'
    Amber conclude, 'Nice guy, although he has some girly side'
    As time goes by, they become very close friend.
    Until one day..

    "Amber, what's your type? For boyfriend"
    "Someone that humble, modest, and love me for me"
    "You meant that someone love or like you for what you are?"
    "Yup, exactly"
    "I think I'm the one that you looking for" Key said with joking tone. But, deep inside his heart he's serious.
    "Haha, oh yeah?" Amber said w/ joking tone too. She knows that she likes him. But, she's unsure Key will like her for her.
    "Hm.. seriously ahahaha"
    "My dear~ ahahaha"
    "Crazy thing anyway" said Key still chuckled. But then he thinks it's the best time to confess.
    "Amber, how if I was serious?"
    "What?! I-I don't know.." Amber suddenly shocked of what Key just said.
    Key regrets a lil bit. But, he forced himself to be confident.
    "I'll make it straight. I like you Amber."
    "I-I like you too. But I'm not sure that you'll love me for me. I think every boy wants to have a girlfriend which is like
    a model. Perfect face and perfect body. Then, feminine. 'sigh'"
    "Hm... Your face is perfect for me. And your body.. Sorry 1st, but I think you have a S-line body" the last word simply
    made Key blushed. And for Amber, she blushed too.
    "Stop playing with me"
    "Gz.. Still thinks that I'm not serious? How can I proof to you that I'm serious?"
    With that words Key took Amber's hand and asked again "Can I have you as my girlfriend Amber?"
    "K-Key, I-I'm still unsure that you'll love me for me or not"
    "Give me a chance then"
    "O-Okay. Now, you're my boyfriend" then Amber relaxed and smile sweetly
    Key thougt, 'her smile is very cute'

    Now they have been in a relationship for 3 months. And Amber have found someone that love her for her. Y'all know who's that right?? Wink


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    Re: [Amber and Key]Love Me For Me

    Post by bluesky on Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:29 pm

    me just finish reading it
    wow! keyber pairing.
    it sounds so good
    love the way you wrote this fiction

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